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Today! Cartoon's: 6:30pm, 9pm
Points updated on July 13 at 6pm.

  Posted on July 13, 2014

Well here is your chance to find out. Vic is hosting a casino night in Branson on Monday, August 4th. This will be from 7 to 9 pm. He is looking for 12 Black Jack dealers for the event. Here is your chance to get out for the evening, have some fun and get paid to do it. If you enjoy meeting new people, have what it takes to count all the way to 21 and want to take the first step that could change your life, let us know. You could go on to become a professional dealer with just a little work. This could lead to the chance to deal in Vegas. With a little hard work you get promoted to pit boss. From there you go on to become general manager with a little effort and then the opportunity to purchase the casino arises. Due to your hard work and knowledge of the industry that you have gained you are able to purchase the casino and have the life you have only been able to watch in movies up to this point. So don't miss this opportunity for the life you want and dream of, call us today and get started on your path to success and happiness NOWPlease Text Ben at 343-9671 to take that first step of the rest of you life


New Promotions for July
  Posted on July 6, 2014

It's a new month and I'm back in full swing so that means new promotions! First of all, I will be keeping the website updated with points standings AND posting weekly points leaders on both of the club's Facebook pages, and the monthly points winner will receive $50.
There will be a monthly "points" tournament on Sunday August 3rd at Skybox at 3pm where the winner will receive a MINIMUM payout of $100, you must have at least 3000 points to play in this tournament, there will also be a limited number of wildcard entries available.
There will be a "winners" tournament on Sunday August 10th where the winner will receive a MINIMUM payout of $100, to play in this tournament you must win a session in the month of July at any of our locations, additional chips for this tournament can only be earned by winning additional sessions.
There will be a $200 tournament on Saturday August 2nd at the Pink Cadillac at 7pm, to play in this tournament you must play in 5 regular Saturday night sessions at the Pink Cadillac.
There will be 2 bounty days chosen at random to help you build your points, the first of the bounty days is Sunday August 13th at Skybox, the second bounty day is Sunday August 27th at Skybox.
The $100 points and winners tournaments are based on an average of 2 tables per session for a payout of $100 each; if the average tables per session is 3 or more then both of those payout amounts will DOUBLE to $200 each!


  Posted on April 20, 2014

The calendar has been updated to reflect current locations and status.


Tuesday night poker at Wacky Jack's suspended.
  Posted on April 1, 2014

Due to my recent surgery and my inability to work in my current condition, Tuesday night Poker sessions at Wacky Jacks Grill and Saloon in Highlandville are suspended until further notice. I thank everyone that comes out to Wacky Jacks Grill and Saloon for their continued support, and I look forward to resuming the Tuesday Wackyness!


Future sessions and tournaments
  Posted on March 28, 2014

First off, I would like to say thank you for all the well wishes, prayers, and support I have received, it is much appreciated! I would like to take a moment to answer some questions that have come up regarding my health situation and the future of the league. Yes, the Missouri Poker Club WILL continue to operate and sessions will be played as scheduled in my absence. Although I may not be physically involved in running sessions or tournaments, I will make provisions to keep everything going until I can return. Thank you all for your continued support and I hope to see you at the tables soon! Chris.


$200 CASH up for grabs Saturday Night!!!
  Posted on March 21, 2014

This Saturday Night, March 22nd, courtesy of Scott Pitts at the Pink Cadillac Poker Room there will be $200 CASH to be won at the evening tournaments! As usual, there is no buy in required, anyone can play in these saturday night tournaments! See you there at 7 & 10!


Tournament dates
  Posted on March 21, 2014

The "cash" tournament for players that earned 1000 points in the month of February that was snowed out will be held on Sunday March 23rd at 12 noon at Skybox, extra chips for this tournament can only be had by presenting the "monthly" cards earned during the month of February, you must present them when you sign in. This will be a winner take all for $100 cash. Second chances will be available in this tournament.

The TV tournament that was postponed due to the loss of Dennis' Place has been scheduled, it will be held Sunday March 16th at 12 Noon at Skybox. To play in this tournament, you must have earned 1000 points in the month of December 2013, this tournament will use the format that was in place during that month so ALL starting chip stacks will be determined by the spreadsheet system, no other extra chip sources will be used in this tournament. Second chances will be available in this tournament.

The WSOP finals will be held Sunday March 30th at 12 noon at Skybox. As stated in the WSOP post, there was a backup plan in the event that there wasn't enough revenue to provide a trip package, and unfortunately this was the case, so this will be a cash tournament with a winner take all payout of $200. For more information on this tournament, see the WSOP post located on this page.


  Posted on March 10, 2014

Private league is over and congrats to our point winners, Bonnie Smith, Juanita Coyner and Mike Heuton. They played tough all year and were the point leaders for the year and earned a seat to play for close to 1/2 a million dollars in Vegas at the big show.

Our three wild card seats went to Wendy Fennell, Bob Fennell and Mashella Smith. Congrats to them for grinding it out last Sunday and coming out on top for the chance to play with the big dogs in Vegas for the big money.


$100 cash to the winner Saturday night!
  Posted on February 28, 2014

This Saturday night the winner of the 2nd session can win $100 cash at the grand opening of MPC at the Pink Cadillac Poker Room! There will be the usual 2 sessions, at 7 & 10, and you must play both sessions and have 34 total players between both sessions to achieve a full $100 pot, either way, it will be CASH to the winner!


  Posted on February 4, 2014

Starting Superbowl Sunday, February 2nd, we will be playing at Skybox at Noon and 3:00! This is the original location on Montclair, between Fremont and National one block south of Battlefield. Skybox has a great menu with a variety of offerings, and they also have plenty of things to keep you occupied before, after, and between sessions including multiple TV's, a game room with pool tables and video games, and for you smokers they have a covered and heated smoking patio! This is a great location so lets all have a great time, and please remember that we need to support the bar/restaurant and tip the bartenders and servers so that they will want us to continue playing there for a long time! As we now have a sunday location, I will be scheduling the tournaments that were suspended so lets keep this going and watch it grow!


WSOP Circuit Ring Event Tournament
  Posted on February 4, 2014

Here's your chance to get a WSOP Gold Ring! Missouri Poker Club is giving away at least 1 trip to a WSOP Circuit Ring Event! The package includes tournament buy-in, 2 nights hotel stay and travel/spending money. This is a 2 day event that typically has a prize pool of over $100,000 and pays out $20,000-$30,000 to the winner plus a WSOP Gold Ring! The package will be for the winners choice of locations between Tunica MS or Durant OK in January. There will be 5 monthly qualifiers for this tournament held at different locations to accomodate as many players as possible, with the top 20% advancing to the finals. The Final Tournament where the winner will be awarded the package will be a NO 2nd chance, NO extra chips tournament, everyone starts equal and when you're out, you're out! The qualifiers will be the standard "big" tournament structure with 2nd chances! The FIFTH and FINAL qualifier will be held at Cartoon's on Friday December 13th at 6:30 pm. You must have 1000 points in the month of November to play in this qualifier, and Bounty Points DO count towards the 1000 needed! Either play well enough to finish high in the standings a few times, or come out and play and support the club multiple times throughout the month, everyone has the ability to qualify for this one, so set your schedule and come out and get qualified! You can play a sanctioned WSOP event with a $100K+ prize pool within a few hours drive of Springfield, but you have to come out and play and show your support to punch your ticket! As this package is valued at approximately $800 and the entire process will take 4-6 months to complete, the club must continue to be profitable in order for the cost for the package to be set aside every month, and all players that qualify for the finals must remain an active player in good standing (actively playing with the club every month and no suspensions or bannings) to play in the finals. If the club is unable to hit the profitability levels required then the final tournament will be for the cash that has been set aside in the profitable months instead of the package being awarded. Either way, there will be a limited number of people playing for something very nice! And remember that the more times you qualify, the smaller the field you will play against gets!

Jeff "Taz" Fenton (1st qualifier winner)
Scott Dorrell (1st qualifier winner)
Shane Corbin (1st & 2nd qualifier winner)
Wendy Fennell (1st qualifier winner)
Ben Burnett (2nd & 3rd qualifier winner)
Cindy Smith (2nd & 3rd qualifier winner)
Larry Smith (2nd qualifier winner)
Bonnie Smith (1st & 3rd qualifier winner)
Eldon Hopp (3rd qualifier winner)
Al Turner (3rd qualifier winner)
James Brake (3rd qualifier winner)
Ron Brown (4th qualifier winner)
Lynn Luallin (4th qualifier winner)
Scott Holt (4th qualifier winner)
Don Scott (4th qualifier winner)


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