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Today! Southbound Bar & Grill $200,000 Satellite: 6:30pm, 9pm
Points updated on November 18 at 8am.

Free seats to Downstream Winter Classic
  Posted on January 13, 2017

Jason was kind enough to give us two free seats to the winter classic tournament in January. Both seat are a main event qualifier. The dates of the events are January 26th at 2:00 and January 27th at 5:00.

To qualify for the tournament to win the seats just come on and play, finish in the top three and you will be in the event to win the seats. We will play the tournament for the seats on Tuesday the 17th at Southbound Bar and Grill at 6:30. If you qualify more than once, you will receive an extra 500 in chips for each qualification after the first one.

Players that are qualified so far and amount of times:

Alan O'Neal 1
Bill Prichard 6
Dakota 3
Debbie Skelton 1
Dennis Hanson 1
Diane McHaffie 1
Doug Fuller 4
Gary Pap 2
Gene Albin 1
James Roberts 1
Jeff Ruel 3
Jessie Gorden 1
Jim S. 1
John Bucher 3
Joyce Harmon 2
Juanita Coyner 1
Katie O'Neal 1
Keith Mackie 2
Kyle Devries 1
Leonard Burk 2
Marc Backs 5
Mario 1
Mike Paladino 6
Mostafa 5
Paul Post 4
Pete Gallagher 1
Rhonda Mathews 4
Ricky Smith 1
Sharron L. 1
Steve Kunz 2
Strech 2
Theron 1
Tim Carpenter 2
Tonia Carpenter 3
Tony Reid 3
Vicki Aliff 10
Victor stalens 1


  Posted on July 21, 2016

Going to try to condense information here so it makes some sense for everyone. BPO is going to put on two events that you get to play for, the $100,000 tournament in Atlantic City and $200,000 tournament in Las Vegas. Dates have yet to be confirmed and will be announced later.

1. Come out and play any session we host and place in the top three. You will receive a token by email that can be used any Sunday to play for a direct seat to Atlantic City or Las Vegas tournaments.

2. Normally you just have to place in the top 15 any Sunday from now until October 30th and you will receive a seat to the tournament of your choice. If you win the Sunday tournament as Jeff Ruel did, you win a seat to the Las Vegas tournament, travel expense and hotel stay, exact amounts have not been published yet.

3. Besides the top 3 players receiving a token to play the online satellite, the top 20% of players each session receive points for the BPO league. These points can be found by looking at leagues on the BPO sight and then clicking on our league there.

4. The points on the BPO sight give our players a chance at the following: For every 5 sessions that we play, 1 spot opens up on the BPO points list. So every month we have at least 4 or 5 spots open up. The points leaders in those spots will actually have the opportunity to go to Atlantic City and play in the $100,000 tournament for buy in of $180.00. So even if you have not won a seat in the online satellite tournament, you can still go to Atlantic City and play if you place just in points high enough.

For every 10 sessions that we play one position will open on the BPO points list for the point leaders to play in the super satellite on November 5th. The top 5 players from the super satellite will receive a seat at the $100,000 event in Atlantic City, $400 for travel and a 5 day, 4 night stay at the Borgata Hotel.

For every 40 sessions that we play one position will be opened on the BPO points list and the point leaders will receive a a bonus in the form of of an add-on/rebuy chip incentive for the Super League tournament.

For those of you with ego's larger than life the question will come up, "what if I win multiple seats in the online satellite." Here is a break down for you to set a goal on:

1 seat win online and you have your choice to use in for Atlantic City or Las Vegas.
2 seat wins online and you get a seat to both tournaments.
3 seat wins and you get a full apparel package for your choice of either tournament (don't ask me that that is as I have no information on it)
4 seat wins and you will receive an apparel package for both tournaments.
10 seat wins and you will receive a full Las Vegas Travel package.

So the bottom line is this: You have a chance to play for a total of $300,000 if you just come out and play free poker with us. If you actually let your friends know and help to build our player base more seats will become available to us. As we grow and are able to add locations with more sessions, that will open up more spots for you to play for and earn your way out to a real tournament for real money.

Or you can keep going out to spend 20 or 40 to win maybe a 100 or so at other locations and miss the opportunity that we have to offer.


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